The Sin of David Redux


In the morning David wrote a letter to Joab and sent it with Uriah. In the letter he wrote, “Put Uriah in the front lines where the fighting is the fiercest. Then pull back and leave him exposed so that he’s sure to be killed. - 2 Samuel 11:14-15

David wanted Uriah's wife so badly he committed mortal sin. Murder. How does that relate to today? In the 1970's, after the Supreme Court legalized abortion, the Pope and episcopate saw that a direct attack on the Body of Christ was in progress. Clergy and laity mobilized and formed numerous groups to protest this injustice against human life. They petitioned the government, protested in the streets, wrote books and articles defending the unborn.

But if you look around today, where are the clergy? Yes, you can find a few bishops out of the many in the UCCB who speak out. And once in awhile you find them at a protest or issuing a letter of support to prolife groups. But for the most part they have pulled back. They've left the laity exposed whom they ordered into battle. They do nothing to reign in the Catholic colleges that have completely astray from Church doctrine, same as with the 'Catholic' politicians.  They have become corrupt and  have repeated the Sin of David.

It was so bad in the Boston Archdiocese that parishioners circulated a petition against Cardinal O'Malley listing all the betrayals. In response he and other bishops reversed their ban on signature gathering on parish grounds, a policy used almost exclusively to thwart pro lifers.

David wanted Uriah's wife. Today's bishops seem to want honor, privilege, power and of course, money.