About Those Seven 'Hills'...

Apparently, latitude in the noun's definition admitted the attitude of the translators to an alteration in altitude.  I do not know whether the translators, when they trampled down the little big noun, acted out of nescience or acted out of knowledge: if the former be the case, I would offer them each a box of soft, sweet raisins as food for thought, but I do not think that they, as yet, believe in cannibalism; and, if the latter be the case, they have already long indulged in the vile practice; whilst, in either case, I remind them of the final warning in 22:18-19.

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The Apostasy Must Come

There is a lot of talk in Catholic circles regarding whether a general Apostasy is taking place, a turning away from basic eternal truths regarding marriage, the priesthood, the True Presence, etc. So one might expect the Apocalypse might have something to say about that. And you won't be disappointed if you think so. From the book:

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