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Take A Reed Like A Rod...

The description John gave in Chapter 4 limits the Church to an inside court, the one in the middle, and an outside court; the “door” implies that there is a wall separating the two courts.  If this is compared to a church, the altar and tabernacle [God's throne] are located in the sanctuary.

Therefore, the term “naoV“ [naos] should be translated as “sanctuary,” the “mesauloV“ [mesaulos], the one in the middle or midst of the Church.  This concept is very important: remember it.

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A Gift Rescinded

The Mass is a bit foggy to me but I remember it as something mysterious. The priest in front was doing something partly hidden. And I couldn't understand the words. As I became old enough to read I realized the words were in Latin and the missal book had the English translation opposite the Latin on each page. We always dressed up, my brother and I wore neck ties, jackets, dress pants, and polished shoes. My mother and sisters wore dresses and veils.

We were taught that we needed to confess our sins in order to be in a proper state to receive Communion. Confession was held in confessionals where the priest and the penitent were kept separate.

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The Sin of David Redux

David wanted Uriah's wife so badly he committed mortal sin. Murder. How does that relate to today? In the 1970's, after the Supreme Court legalized abortion, the Pope and episcopate saw that a direct attack on the Body of Christ was in progress. Clergy and laity mobilized and formed numerous groups to protest this injustice against human life. They petitioned the government, protested in the streets, wrote books and articles defending the unborn.

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