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Mystery of Lawlessness

Not to woe did the angel swear, but to peace.  Nonetheless, the price of victory will not come cheap.  It never does.  A realistic look reveals who has been, is, and will be the cause of those horrors to come with such magnitude as human imagination cannot totally grasp: the world's every person fundamentally lawless, but also the Church's every member tepid and timid.  The tribulations of Christ's mystical body are among “the things that must come” [Apocalypse 1:1].  They must, on account of God's highest concession to man: freedom.

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Satan Will Be Cast Out of The Church

The “woman clothed with the sun” is a great sign: she is herself and portends or points to something else, namely, “the Great Day of Almighty God” [16:14].  But, the proximal result of this “great sign” is that Saint Michael and his angels [angelic and human] cast out Satan and his angels [angelic and human] from heaven “unto the earth”; and in 12:12 a “loud voice in heaven” declares the time of this event,

“Woe to the earth and to the sea, for the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has a short time.”

This implies that, as Satan was cast out of the Church, so he will be cast out of the world [the earth and sea].  Therefore, the term “a short time” can refer to only one period: the last 3½ years of the second woe.

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