What People Are Saying

By Matt Abbott
Catholic Online

The Book of Revelation is perhaps the most mysterious book in Sacred Scripture. And there has been much speculation about it --some of it bordering on off-the-wall, but some of it serious and scholarly.

The following is the forward and a portion of a chapter from a forthcoming book which, in my view, falls in the latter category. The 333-page book, titled The Apocalypse-Letter by Letter: A Literary Analysis of the Book of Revelation, is a compilation of notes and letters written by the late Steven Paul, a Catholic scholar who died of cancer in 2000.

It has been put together by Paul's brother-in-law.

"The book is not one of fancy or speculation, but rather an exegesis of what the Apocalypse means based on the Bible and the writings of the Church Fathers," he says. "It is an analysis of the Apocalypse, from a Catholic perspective, for those who are serious about Bible study."


From Roger in Canada:

Ordered the book from Amazon.ca and it blew me away. There are far too many Catholics who don’t have a clue about what’s going to unfold in the future. I must admit I have to go back and re-read the book at a slower pace to fully absorb its’ contents, I struggled in sections. I raced through the book. It was all so new. It felt as if each turn of the page was pulling me along to the next train of thought. I fell asleep with the book on my face more times than my wife would care to count. I couldn’t put it down.

A guy with a great purpose... God's.,

Steven Paul, wrote a very good in depth summary of his thoughts about all he had learned from the Bible (namely the book of Revelations) and its truths about our future. He wrote and thought as an ordinary guy but sought to do and understand extraordinary things. I recommend this book for those who have a zeal to understand the tougher books of the Bible and would like to hear some great insights from a great man.

Reading the Signs of the Times: Apocalypse no longer " Greek to me" , 

The quirky, doughnut-scarfing author of this book is proof positive that God is no respecter of persons when he chooses his Prophets. Rigorous attention to grammar and syntax results in precision not only of meaning, but understanding that meaning: Stephen Paul's rigorous attention to the simple words of the Greek of the Apocalypse demonstrates the inaccuracies of previous English translations of the Bible's last book about things to come. Paying close attention to textual use of metaphorical and literal statements , Paul makes the Apocalypse astoundingly comprehensible in the contemporary context; and useful as a practical guide for "reading the signs of our times" explaining the spiritual zeitgeist precipitating the rise of the Anti-Christ--. 
Coincidentally, I read this book just after reading "Hope of the Wicked" by Ted Flynn: Stephen Paul's book delineates the spiritual dynamic, --and Flynn's the socio-politic arena where history is forged by current events. Reading both these books in conjunction makes for an eerie but coherent picture of what will soon be upon us. Fear not, --but hold on to your hats; it's gonna get worse before it gets better . . . .

The Lay Voice Reclaiming the Apocalypse, 

The great good of this book is that it is written by someone who does not owe his first born to academia or some dicastery of the Church. This is the voice of a layman during this hour of the laity, to borrow from Pope John Paul II. His insights seem fresh and new, and indeed some are like long lost treasures brought out once more into the light. 

On occasion he makes a declaration or takes a decision one may wish he did not. But no one should be looking for infallibility in this work. What one will find is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit touching the author with a reading of the Revelation to St. John that is a great help to all us during the times in which we live. 

I no longer esteem the works of Biblical literary critics or those who must grind out verbiage in order to keep their niche in academia. This account is far more trustworthy because it is honest about what it is and because it is far more concerned about being faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ and his Church than serving some earthly-minded agenda.


From Michael in Florida

I love this book. I've just purchased what think is my 7th copy. I lend them out, but if they don't come back, it's okay. I've also given them as gifts. It has so many insights into Revelation!